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Arkansas Club Development League

Arkansas Club Development League

Spring 2018 "ACDL" Schedule

How to add club pass players to your game day roster

Game Day Rules and Procedures

The Game Report (Game Day Roster) is to be printed via the team’s Gotsoccer account prior to each game and brought to the game
by each team.  Club Pass Players must be entered into the Gotsoccer Game Day Roster via the team’s Gotsoccer account.  No guest players are allowed. Only players listed on the game day roster are allowed to participate.
Each team must present at the game site its laminated and pictured US Youth Soccer Member Passes, US Club player passes or electronic player passes. All passes, whether laminated or electronic must have the player’s and coach’s picture.  Additionally, each team must present an Game Day roster of no more than eighteen players. The Game Day Roster must include all players serving suspensions for prior ejections Team players not on the Game Day roster may sit on the team bench in street clothing.

Game Day Roster limits

11U -  12U 16 players (9v9)
13U – 18U 18 players (11v11)

Each team is to report the scores of their games directly into GotSoccer.
Scores should be reported within 24 hours of the game in 1 of 2 ways:
1. Scan the “QR” code using your mobile devices QR code app. After scanning, the app will take you directly to the webpage
    where you can input the score and cards issued for your game.
2. Online through GotSoccer: Use the “event code” and “PIN” listed on the Game Card to enter the score appropriately.
    Any ejection during the game must be reported in GotSoccer.
The ability to report the red card is available in the process of recording the score.  
The individual receiving the red card is suspended for one (1) game.
If the red card is for “Violent Conduct” (VC as designated by referees), then the suspension is two (2) games.
The ACDL committee reserves the right to add additional game suspensions based on review of the incident. Suspensions must be served in the league they were received in. If the ejection occurred in the final game of the league, the sit-out must be served in the teams’ respective State Cup Competition. Sit-outs are validated by having the center referee sign and date the game card. 
The game card must then be scanned and emailed to: 

The teams will occupy the same side of the field. Teams are to remain on their half of the field between the halfway line and eighteen (18) yard line. A limit of four (4) adults with USYS,US Club adult passes will be allowed with each team. Spectators are to occupy the opposite side of the field.
The coach/manager/club is responsible for the behavior of it parents and spectators.  Good sportsmanship is expected.  If a match is terminated due to behavior of spectators, players, or coaches the team at fault will receive up to a $250 fine and the game may count as a forfeit for that team. 

The team listed first in GotSoccer is the HOME team and the team listed second is the AWAY team.  If there is a conflict, the home team must change. The referee’s judgement is final.

Rules of play
Games will be played using FIFA Rules as modified by US Soccer Policy on Players and Playing Rules shall govern this league with the following exceptions and clarifications.
Note: ACDL reserves the right to modify the application of any USYS Policies.

A. Length of Match and ball size
U11/12: 30 min halves, size 4 ball
U13/14: 35 min halves, size 5 ball
U15/16: 40 min halves, size 5 ball
U17/19: 45 min halves, size 5 ball

B. Substitutions
Unlimited substitutions, as allowed by the referee, may be taken at the following times:
Prior to a throw-in, by the team in possession.
Prior to a goal kick by either team
Following a goal by either team
After an injury by either team, if the injured player is substituted
After a caution is issued for the cautioned player only
At halftime

If a player is removed from the game and no substitute enters the game for the player (the team "plays short"), the original player may reenter the game. Entry shall be at a normal substitution point (with approval of the referee) and at any point during the game if the referee signals for the player’s reentry.

C.  No heading Policy
No player on a U11 or younger team may intentionally head a ball.  Intentional heading will result in a foul and in-direct kick for the opposing team.

D. Grace Period
Teams will be given a 15-minute grace period to field a team.  If after 15-minutes the team is unable to provide adequate documentation or enough players to field a team, the game will be considered a forfeit.

E. Inclement Weather
If a game is terminated because of weather, it shall be judged a completed game if the game has reached halftime before the game was terminated. If the match was of lesser duration, then it shall be replayed.

Referee Payment Procedures
Teams will split the cost of the referees and are to pay them in cash prior to the start of the game.  Please have exact change.  

Referee Fees

Academy:   Center $30.                           Total $15 per team
11U&12U:  Center $30, AR’s $20 each.  Total $35 per team
13U&14U:  Center $36, AR’s $25 each.  Total $86 per team
15U&16U:  Center $40, AR’s $30 each.  Total $50 per team
17U&18U:  Center $50, AR’s $35 each.  Total $60 per team

All matches must be played as scheduled. Scheduled matches may only be canceled due to inclement weather, or circumstances beyond the team’s control.  Failure to play a match as scheduled will be considered a forfeit and will result in a recorded score of 0-4 loss for the team. A team that forfeits a match will be fined $250 plus referee fees.  Any team that forfeits a match will not be allowed to continue in league play until the $250 is paid.

Any team that fails to play two or more officially scheduled games, shall be considered to have abandoned the league. Its games will not count to determine league standings nor shall they be considered in the standings as forfeits. The team is not eligible to win the league.

Arkansas teams only qualifying for State Cups: The team shall not be considered for entrance into the Arkansas State Championships or Governor’s Cup. Further, the ACDL Committee will evaluate this team’s requests for future participation in the ACDL.